Beate Nossum, Strategy and Media Liaison


Beate Nossum has previously worked as a journalist, political editor and partner at First House. She has 12 years experience from the communication industry and has worked on major public campaigns, political processes, positioning and branding.


She is a strategic advisor with considerable operational experience, which includes the role of communication manager for EAT Stockholm Food Forum (2014- 2015). Here, she liaised with the media and contributed to the positioning of the initiative as well as building knowledge about the links between climate and health.


Beate Nossum has worked closely with leading corporations, organisations and top leaders through demanding periods of restructuring. Influencing and changing attitudes are her specialities. She has a broad experience from campaigns where PR, paid communications, building of alliances and a tactical handling of target groups are all part of the strategy.


She was born in 1969, grew up in Trondheim and has three children.


Christopher Mortensen, Partner and Senior Advisor


Christopher is a previous partner at Geelmuyden Kiese. He has 15 years of experience as an advisor related to branding and consumer communication, and is the proud recipient of a number of national and international awards for his work.


He has extensive experience working with leading brands such as Procter & Gamble, IKEA, H&M, Nissan, Toyota, The Ski Association (Skiforeningen) and Choice. In addition, he has spent a lot of time working with the food industry and customers such as KIWI, Tesco, Asda, Sjømatrådet, Findus, Kraft Foods and Matsentralen.


Christopher has a Bachelor of Communications from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK and further education in Market Research. He has previously ran his own PR agency in England, worked as an Editor at Forward Magazine, in marketing for Leeds Business Start-Up and as a Market Research Consultant at the highly respected Nunwood Consulting.


Christopher is born in 1979 and grew up at Ullern, Oslo. He is married, has three children and live in Hvalstad.


Silje Schei Tveitdal, Senior Advisor and Office administration


Silje Schei Tveitdal has her origins in the energy sector. She was previously the Chairman of Zero and Cicero, and spent 8 years working for the Government and Parliament as an advisor and later, as a party secretary for SV.


Tveitdal has a degree in Social Economy and a Master in Environmental Economy from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Energy, transport and climate are her specialties. She has extensive experience working with private and public contributors linked to green initiatives. She spent 6 years working on influences for the energy sector and has worked with numerous environmental organisations. Schei Tveitdal started her career as the head of Natur & Ungdom and was a founding member of the environmental organisation Zero.


Tveitdal has headed the construction of many campaigns and political strategies. She is an experienced advisor with a valuable knowledge from the “battlefield”, when it comes to both liaising with the government and the strategic handling of the media.


Silje is born in 1974 and grew up in Froland. She is married and has two children.